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Rubber Flooring Online

Welcome to Get Floors Online, your one-stop destination for premium rubber flooring and a wide range of flooring options. Our extensive collection includes top-quality rubber floor tiles, rubber gym flooring, rubber floor matting, and more, all available online for your convenience.

Where To Use Rubber Tile Flooring

Rubber flooring is a versatile and practical choice for both residential and commercial spaces. It offers exceptional durability and is weather-resistant, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you need flooring for your gym, garage, home gym, or any high-impact area, rubber floors provide the ideal solution.


Rubber gym flooring is specifically designed to withstand heavy weights and high-impact exercises. With excellent shock absorption properties, it protects both your body and the floor beneath, reducing the risk of injuries. Our rubber floor tiles are engineered to provide optimal shock absorbency, ensuring a safe and comfortable workout experience.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring

In addition to its superb shock absorbency, rubber flooring is also water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for areas prone to moisture. The slip-resistant surface of rubber floors provides a secure footing, ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas. You can trust our rubber flooring tiles to keep your floors safe and slip-free.

Rubber Flooring Installation

When it comes to installation, rubber floor tiles are incredibly easy to install. Their interlocking design allows for a hassle-free setup, saving you time and effort. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, our rubber floor tiles are a convenient option for any project.

Rubber Floor Brands

At Get Floors Online, we proudly offer a wide selection of rubber flooring brands, including renowned names like Shaw Floors and Armstrong. We understand the importance of quality, which is why we curate our collection from trusted manufacturers who prioritize both durability and aesthetics.


If you're looking for additional flooring options, we also carry vinyl flooring and laminate plank, providing you with a comprehensive range to suit your specific needs. Our wall base, including cove base and rubber tiles, offer versatile solutions for various applications, ensuring that you find the perfect flooring for your space.


So, whether you're creating a home gym, renovating your garage, or outfitting a commercial gymnasium, our rubber flooring online store has you covered. With our exceptional products, easy installation, and a wide array of options, Get Floors Online is your go-to source for all your rubber flooring needs. 


Explore our collection of rubber floor tiles online today and experience the unmatched benefits of rubber flooring.