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Quality and service need to be the focus!

It's easy to get caught up in the trap of cheap deals for flooring and tile. But don't do it! Quality service will always be worth more than a low price, no matter how good your budget may seem on paper or what kind of economic climate we're experiencing right now. A lot has changed in our over 50 years of experience including consumer priorities but one thing that never goes out of style is high-quality products with fantastic customer reviews--and those costs just keep rising every year without fail so make sure you don't forget about them when looking at prices alone.

Bait & Switch Tactics

We have all heard of this one: sell you something and ship something else. Unfortunately, this happens more than you think. They will either convince you to buy something else, ship you something different, or cut corners and send you substituted accessories instead of genuine manufactured accessories. At, we verify all orders with the customer to ensure they are receiving the correct material before the order ships and only sell 1st quality material directly from the manufacturer.

They won't be in business much longer

Lately, this has been a huge problem. You need to be aware that many companies will not honor their warranties if they're out of business. You might think, "why do I care?" Well trust us; you'll Care! While the manufacturer traditionally pays for any post-purchase product issues with a company's products, it often uses dealers as mediums in between themselves and customers who purchase online or locally like yourself - so make sure your chosen retailer has an established track record before buying anything off their site (we've been doing this since 1994). If the company you purchased from is no longer in business, it may be hard for you to get answers from the manufacturer.

Companies with no structure 

You may have been told that our price is lower because we have a low overhead. Allow us to translate for you: this means no service and nobody available should anything go wrong! Most of these smaller companies online or locally only hire a few salespeople who are then on their own after the sale ends - it will be tough getting answers from a salesperson after the sale. We at, offer processing teams ready now so your order can be processed quickly with excellent customer care throughout; plus claims staff standing by just in case things get worse before they improve.

Non-authorized dealers

Some small outfits or brokers will sell flooring online, then buy it from someone else and just make a small markup on the order. These companies are usually not authorized to sell the products. This can cause you major grief should you need support, and of course, your warranty will not be valid. We know you want to buy from a company that has your back. That's why we're here--to make sure all of our customers are covered by warranty, and if something goes wrong with their purchase on this site it can be replaced without hassle.

Why you should buy your products from us?

If you are looking for a high-quality product at the most competitive price, look no further. We guarantee that our first-rate customer service and fast response time will make your purchase with us an enjoyable experience - we are here to answer any questions or concerns about products as soon as possible! We're not like other flooring companies. We sell only first quality, factory manufactured products and we provide someone to call in a real department of an actual company for any reason whatsoever--whether you have installation questions or product problems! You'll deal with a company here within the United States (Florida to be exact). When you call our offices you will talk with a real human, not a computer.

Buying from us you will also be supporting jobs here in the U.S. We don't use any offshore call centers. Hopefully, you'll see the value of dealing with a strong company such as ours. We would love the opportunity to earn your business and make sure you get the product and service you deserve. We want you to know we're here for you now and we will continue to be here for you in the future.